Hello and welcome!  My name is Andrea and Hide & Chic is the by-product of one trip, several friends and many ideas that all came to fruition and resulted in this business adventure.

In the summer of 2016, I traveled to Mexico with my parents.  While there, I was in search of a handmade, hand-tooled leather purse for myself. Don't ask me why, but this is precisely what I wanted.  I had been searching for the perfect bag for about three years and had not been able to find exactly what I had pictured in my mind...until that magical moment when I walked into a small boutique and I saw them: the most beautiful, brightly colored, hand-tooled leather bags I had ever seen!  I mean the quality, the colors, and the sheer number of different styles left me speechless!  I could not have imagined that these Alexis David bags even existed, but there they were, staring at me and beckoning me to take them home.  I bought four!

As soon as I started carrying my purses, I began receiving compliments on them right and left.  It was obvious I wasn't the only one who loved them, and I knew I had to make them available to others.  That’s how my business -- and my obsession -- started.

Hide & Chic’s online store went live in April 2017 for the purpose of making these lovely handmade, hand-tooled Alexis David leather purses, bags and tablet covers available to YOU.

Hide & Chic is an online, woman-owned store based out of Houston, Texas.

My hope is that your Alexis David bag brings you as much joy and happiness (and as many compliments) as mine have brought and continue to bring me.  

Please stop by often to see what new styles have arrived!  If you would like advance notice of new style releases, please provide your email address.

Thank you so much for your support!



*Photography by Tracy Feldman Photography

*Logo design by Cameron Hoffman

*Editing by Stacy Peteet Barry

*Business name developed by the creative team of Stan and Fran 

*Shipping and Receiving Department managed by Larry and Espie