Q:  What if the style of bag or color I want is not available on the website?

A:  Special custom orders are available for most styles and colors.  If a special order is available, please keep in mind the bags are handmade so special orders will take 8 to 10 weeks.  Please contact me directly to discuss.


Q:  How do I clean and/or treat my leather bag?

A:  Initially it's not recommend to use any products on your brand new leather bag other than a damp cloth to clean it.  The leather is sprayed with a coating that brings out the bright colors, adds a slight shine and also protects the leather. However, over time as you use your bag, the leather will get softer and will start to have a vintage look. Once the leather starts to age and soften, then you can experiment with a leather treatment product to hydrate and brighten the leather.  Always test a small unseen spot to confirm no negative reaction to the product by the leather.


Q:  Why does my bag smell?  Will the smell go away?

A:  Leather smells amazing.  Certain dyes and protectants, however, may have an unusual odor that will diminish over time. Therefore, your new Alexis David bag may smell like the dye used to color the bag and the coating used to seal, shine and protect the bag. Once your bag is taken out of its packaging and used this smell will fade.


Q:  What do I do if my bag gets wet?

A:  While it is preferable for leather bags not to get wet, stuff happens. If your bag does get wet, wipe with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Never dry the leather by using heat, such as a hair dryer. Simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature and let it air dry naturally.  


Q:  Will the color fade or rub off my bag?

A:  The bags have a protective coating that should prevent fading and color rub off.  While we have never had any feedback on the bags fading or the color rubbing off, anything is possible.  As with any fine leather product, treat your bag with loving care, and try to minimize exposure to extreme moisture, heat and sunlight in order to protect the bag's color.  Please take extra care when wearing light colored clothing to help prevent color transfer.


Q:  Are the bags truly handmade?

A:  The process by which the bags are made is primarily performed by skilled workers using hand tools, but also using machines when a machine yields the best result.  The handbags are 100% hand-tooled and hand laced. The leather is dyed by using an air-pistol, which is done by hand.  The stitching is done by a machine which is operated by a person who guides it across the leather making sure the stitches are accurate and straight. The benefit of combining hand work and machine work is that this process yields the best combination of both durability and aesthetics which results in a high-quality product.