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3" W x 8" H x 1" D
Here's the Scoop:
Looking for a place to store your shades when wearing your readers? Then look no further than Tomasina. Our handmade design offers a hardshell toughness that is never bulky in your bag making our eye-catching eyeglass case protection perfection.
Leather | Suede lining | Double laced edges | Imported from Mexico
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Each beautiful Alexis David creation is of the highest quality hand-tooled, hand-dyed leather, uniquely crafted and hand laced in a variety of gorgeously deep, rich colors to suit every mood and every season!  The embossed hand-tooling is deep and detailed in intricate designs that suit the particular style of each bag.

Because leather craftsmen construct each product one at a time, no two creations are ever exactly alike, and colors and designs may vary slightly from what is pictured.  Your Tomasina eye glass/sunglass case is uniquely, beautifully yours!